Thursday, August 21, 2008

As the previous post said, i was kinda busy this day. Wasn't plan to update my blog for this few days, but why i'm blogging now? So sad to said that, my grandfather had admitted into the hospital, so there's nobody at home after my school. Therefore, i was walking all the way from my house to john's house. Got nothing to do here, so i decided to update my blog.


#. Thursday, today
Today can so known as my most unlucky day for this week.
Was scolded by mum, because slept late, waked up late.
Reached school at 9, lol*
but no longer later, leave school again. So me, vivian & chochuan took green slip & get out from the school.
Went G-Hotel again for the dinner arragement, then got nothing to do d.
Walking around, someone suggest for a movie, so went for 'WALL-E'.

It was an animation bout the day after pollution. Wall-E, the robots which discover to keep all those rubbish around, & clean the earth.
After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, Wall-E meets a sleek search robot named EVE. Althought Wall-E doesn't talk much in the show, but the emotion could fully express, like the love to EVE.

WALL-E & EVE, cute yet lovely.

Had my day w/ them.
We're the Poor Teng, Poor Looi & Rich Tan from 4 Science.

After movie, ate BBQ Chicken. Then Rich Tan dropped us back.


Since i still got time,
i would like to roughly talk about this few days.


#. Saturday
As usual, went tuition & Viki skipped tuition. dot.
Went badminton after it.
Vivian & jane came to my house before that, then Alex fetched us there.
It was the first time playing badminton w/ my family.
It was also my mum playing w/ us after 16 years. lol

After badminton, went Penang Bowl, to eat something & played awhile.
Alright, don't really know how to play, but i can say that the food over there was nice.
You can try them someday.


#. Sunday
After tuition went to look for some dresses for Annual Dinner,
but din't find something that suit us. =(


#. Tuesday
Went G-Hotel to looked for the ballroom thingy.
The ballroom was grand & super big, it can fit up to 450 person.

The G-Hotel

The G-Hotel Ballroom

After that, meet up w/ jane they all & watched 'La Lingerie'.

Spend my time w/ them. =)

Bought a mask for the masquerade ball.
Its silver mask but i have no idea why it looks black in the picture.

#. END

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