years of friendship

Monday, July 14, 2008

Don't think everyone do that
but i do . . .
I do believe in
years of friendship,
so do you?

We love, we heart,
we trust, we cherish, we hug, we kiss,
we need, we like . . . . each other like nobody else.

There's a
connection between us, which is friendship.
So who
are they?

They're . . .

vivian, jane, povy, sze sze -

Wingeez reunion ; 2oo8 & 2oo7 Spot the different.


cute ? credit to vivian.

'o6 Hotel Stay

old pic ; can't stop laughing when i post it.
but its our best memory.

Dedicatedto'em ;

Jane ;
always the sweet one & straight-forward.

Though it is easy t
o know someone for 10 years,
but it could hard to know someo
ne as a best friends for such a long term.
Argument, disagreement for sometimes,

So? it doesn't mean anything.

We're s
till the best friends till the end of the world.
Same primary school for 6 years & same se
condary school for 2 years,
&& we're from 1P,2P & 3P ; the same class. =D

Meet up often, tuition together, hang out tog
Used to sleep over at each other's house, same to qian wen, jia tian
& etc.
But now, we ofte
n to do that to wingeez, especially sze sze's house. winks*


Vivian, the leafy ;
the self-confident pretty girl.

Been together for
few years, not that long,
love the style, the way she talk, she act & everything. cool*
Same school, same class
, sit next to each other,
same tuition & etc.
meet up almost everyday.
me very well, more than i do.
I think, she can read my mind. *laugh out loud*

The future lawyer & get-married-early-wife.
She loves Vic, the boyfriend. lovely yet sweet.


Jasmine, dream star ;
The day dreamer.
One year younger than me,
knew her since 6 years ago.
Last time we used to play, talk, dance together,
even now we still do that, but less. =/
She's the always busy & grounded gir
due t
o the reason, PMR.
By the w
ay, work hard for it.
Miss you girl.

Memoryofthegallery ;

2oo6 *

Vivian_x ;

SSP gathering *

topshop *

Jane_x ;


o2o42oo8 ; missing jane *

Sze sze_x ;


where is vivian? *


Wordsto'em ;

everything will be fine, don't think too & don't forget, you're going to study your college w/ us, so don't simply change your plan. hmmm* We'll always be there for you.

i have no idea what to say, we talk almost everyday. dot. Hah.

Sze sze,
we miss you. We din't meet up for so long d, where have you been huh? miss me? miss us? When is our next wingeez reunion day? held it on this coming saturday okay? Hope to see you soon. =)


Hearts Wingeez;

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