Holiday; part iii

Friday, August 01, 2008

Tuesday, 29 July 2008 ;
Was suppose to have tuition at vivian house, but slept late, wake up late, skip-ed tuition. sorry vivian. =(*
Luckily, our Plan for the day is still on, Nail art, pedicure & medicure.
Alex drop us at the Nail shop, near New Work Park, then went off.



Tools ; my leg. HAHA

deco of the shop

There's also some service like, falsh eye lash extension.
anyone interested?

Style & colour

The special edition for Beijing Olympic
DONE! *happy*

left hand, mine; right hand, vivian.

See, how was it?
Mine cost RM55 for pedicure & medicure; Vivian's wan cost RM61 for 10 finger nail only,
which one worth more? hehe.
But i like her's wan, her nail were w/ some shinny little gold ball, sweet yet elegant. =)
So will we going back for the service?
Come my blog more often & you will know. HAHA

After Nailtalk,
Alex fetched us back, meet jane & hui in the car. *happy*
*they want to have some break, due to the stressful exam,
so they skip-ed tuition, & came to look for us*
Plan 1: mum asked me to go for physic's tuition.
Plan 2: skip my physic's tuition & run away w/ jane, join the 'Skip tuition Gang'. *lol*

But due to some reason, i choose plan 1. dot.
sorry jane & hui, sorry for not accompaning.
End up, I went to tuition w/ bad mood. =.=

Physics paper

This Ivy & Marcus, who sit beside me during tuition.
Something happen during tuition,
the funny part, our tutor, P C CHAI he took a penyapu to hit A BEE. Hello, its a small little BEE!. dot.

weird teacher. Hah
The second part, my annoying friend, SONY MUN WAYN kept crapping & talked nonsense,
he drive me crazy & i shouted at him,
The whole class were all in silent & turn back & looked at me. dot.
Marcus said, 'Dont like that larh, people will be thinking you're scolding me'
cause he's just sitting beside me.
&& Ivy said, 'Its like so odd, everyone kept quite!' dot

Hello people, this is the place i usually waite for my mum to come & pick me up.
Sometimes i use to wait ALONE & wait till nobody is there, creepy huh?
& scary right? pity me. =/

Till here, bye!
going to redbox later, w/ her again. :)

Owh yah, my mum's birthday coming soon,
What should i buy for her? hmm
Let's figure it out. =)

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