Holiday; part ii

Friday, August 01, 2008

Monday, 28 July 2008 ;
wake up late. So? Holiday wert. HAHA
Nothing to do, boring.
Suddenly, vivian came, thought she's going to Queensball w/ her darling vic, but . . something happen.
So she came & look for me.
Then we decide to go Queensbay for our dinner.
Went w/ alex & ajak my sis too. =)

Headed to Queensbay. Gosh, forget it was the Traffic-Jam-Time.
Duhh, got stucked in the car. =.=
It took 1 an half hour from my house to Queensbay. Damn long wey.
Took some pictures while waiting for the traffic jam. =)

Picture of me.

People will did nonsense when they're TOO TOO BORED!

HAHA i can see you, POH HSIANG!!
She seems so-happy-sms/talking on the phone.

Finally, we saw the shade of Queensbay, but the sky is already dark. dot.
Before we headed to Queensbay, we went to Alex's home & fetched his mum first.
Then only we went Queensbay.
Everyone is hungry now, Can you drive abit faster?

Reach Queensbay bout 9pm, if not mistaken.
Went straight to 'Dragon Tale',
took sometime to order & wait for the food.
Awhile later, got our food, finally.
Sorry people, no picture for dragon tale,
cause we don't dare to take picture during eating,
we want to be a polite kids. *wild smile, proud*

After dinner, went for my favorite ice cream, Hokkaido ice cream. =)
order the same thing, A6 espresso ice cream, if not mistaken.


Such a cute & unique design ; New flavour, taste good? idk. lol*

Shopping mum & kids ; Shopping sis.

The yellow-ish sneaker's shop, don't really know whats the shop's name. dot.

2 prettay, 1 Sexay! perasan me. XD

2 Prettay ;

I see you, but you cover your face,
but still i can see you! HAH
What's the Ms-promoter's problem? *wonder*

Back to Converse again

From left, Alex, His mum & Poh Hsiang
Looks like a happy family huh?.
It was me & vivian's idea, Sorry Alex. *lmao*

After dropped vivian home, my sis drive us back from tanjung bungah till my house.
Although she already got her license, but still scary indeed. lol

P/s. Work harder Sis, you gonna drive me to Queensbay one day.
I'll wait, but not now, you'll risk my life, my life are still young. *lol*

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