Holiday; part i

Friday, August 01, 2008

Start from_
Saturday, 26 July 2008 ;
when for lunch w/ vivian & alex,
&& meet jane!! ;D *curi-curi fetch her from the ballet centre, shhhh*
Had our lunch at some jelutong restaurant, waited for quite long, maybe we're too hungry. *lol*
Food served a little bit slow but taste nice & cheap. =D
4 dish,1 soup, 3 rice & several drinks, only cost RM53++ Damn Cheap wey!!
After lunch, drop jane back to ballet centre, her lesson start at 1.30pm, bye bye jane! ;(

had dinner w/ my family, vivian joined.
It was a farewell dinner for my eldest sister which are going back on tomorrow.
Talk during dinner & settle some stuff w/ my third sis, Poh Hsiang.

After dinner,
fetched Jiun Yhong, then headed to vivian's house,
it was her sister 19th birthday party!
my brother & his friend, Thonmas went too.
Watch Astro Singing Competition over there, had fun playing cards w/ them,
bbq-ed chicken & Drink Coke!. *suddenly in-love w/ gas drink.* I know its bad for braces. =/
Duhh, there's something wrong w/ the Astro thingy,
why was the weirdy TB, 颜莞芊 got the first place?
Isn't it should be the other girl? The 林健辉's sister, 林淑静. dot.
Not satisfied w/ the result.
By the way, it just a personal opinion, no offence. lmao*
Washed face, bathed, talked awhile w/ vivian & sleep.
End of the day.


Sunday 27 July 2008 ;
Waked up late, after that went back home nout noon time,
cause gonna get ready to send my sister to airport.
Althought its already the third year she had been study over there,
but we only meet up few months a year, how can we don't miss her?
Went to airport bout 6 something, her flight gonna board at 8pm.
Reach airport, settle everything, after done going for food!
EVERYONE here are hungry now, so w decided to go for 'NANDOs', but too bad it close. =(
It was replaced by 'Kenny Rogers'.

Kennys Homemade Muffins



side dish; looks tasty
cam whore;

My sis, my dad & mum.
As you people know me, know i got 3 elder sis & a younger bro,
i'm the youngest among the girl. HAHA
Well, here they are, but where is my second sis? missing?
NO NO, she's at Australia right now.
study + happy pak tor. ngek*

my third sis, lil fat bro & my eldest sis

This is me & my eldest sis; look weird in it. dot.

Haha, guess who is this??
I know, you know. =D
Eat Eat Eat! All in a rush, cause my sister's flight gonna board so soon.
Paid bill, went off.

It was the most saddening part, part to say GoodBye!

Mum cried & sis cried. awww how sad?. =(

Bye sis! Take Good care! We'll miss you all the time & i'll did what i had promised you. :)

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