Wednesday, March 05, 2008

1st of march Saturday ; out gurney & UPR

it was a first saturday that i'm hanging out with a different characteristic
dated lichen as already planned for few days ago.
stay at home online, before hanging out. chatting with wen & talked on the phone with her, sharing some girls' secrets. *shhh* after that, bathe & make-up & etc. then go to gurney! meet lichen, then go for the show, Step Up 2-The Streets. kenji & victor also join us for the .

Step Up 2 the Streets was the 2008 sequel to the 2006 movie Step Up, staring by Briana Evigan, Robert Hoffman, Adam G.Sevani, Cassie & etc. I saw it for why i love step up 2006 so much & the dancing was great. I love all dance movies though. The new characters were cool too. They had pretty good chemistry.
watching while playing in the cinema, throwing popc
orn. so childish but enjoy being it.
&& meet a long lost contact friend, jocel. her hair is longer & sh
e's pretty.

After show, went to ear piercing. hehe* pierce one hole on my top right ear.
its pain, but already wish to have it for so long, DON'T CARE! went bead zone for RM6 per hole. victor hold my hair for me while am piercing, sorry for accidentally spray the c
ooling stuff on your hand & thanks victor. lichen & kenji were supporting me on the spot, thanks chen & kenji.

can you see that? ngek ngek*
after that, vic & kenji went back ; lichen also went to airport for send one of his friend to australia. *touch*

Still stay at gurney, go meet up with wen & bin han at popular.
unexpect, meet
eugene & silly baby. no longer later, meet brandon & his sister, samantha.
talk alot with silly baby, even though w
e're first meet. but all bout gossiping. lols.
suddenly, strong winds blow & heavy rain comes. lols.
then leave gurney, go fettes park for dinner, ate western food. *yummy*
& viki texted me, he said:' i saw you in gurney!' HAHA. viki you're so lame. = =

after dinner, planned to go somewhere else 'yam cha'.
but end up went to UPR, cause of wen is going to meet up with
babyvon, yee min & bin chang.
they were planned to club during that night. so we went there to meet up with 'em.
OMG, penang its just a small island. i meet
samantha again right there. *thinking, how small the world is?*
also meet imin, imin's friend & sis went we were out of MOIS.
err, don't know why, don't feel like clubbing, went
babylon to have a couple of drink while waiting them.

the couple that i spend my night with, wen & bin han,
wen is promoting the juice & baileys ; han is looking at the menu for drinks. lols

well, nothing to do right there, so we played cards.
no longer later, meet cleo&joan, khobo, yong jian, LST & so right there. Its a small world come around!
went back at 2 something. sigh, tomorrow still need to wake at 10 for tuition. =(
anyways, i enjoy that night. *happy*

awww vivian, finally i got your blog,
you really created it, you din't lie. HAH.
keep our promise huh?. =) mwahs

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