the weekends

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

its the weekend, we already planned to hang out together & have fun.
so we decided to go queensbay to have a reunion wingeez's days. lols.
pals, know whats wingeez?
its one of our gang of 4 name, since last 3 years.
wingI(jane)+wingII(vivian)+ee(pohvee)+Z(sze sze)=wingeeZ
thats how our name comes from, creative huh? =D lets check out what we did. =)

forever 21; love this dress,
but can't afford to buy it, too expenseive. sad.

random pic of vivian ; she's trying the Redish-Pink glasses. looks funny. XD

natural source; wellness & beauty.
its about beauty & skin care stuff.
its full of different flavor body lotion, sun block, skin care and so.
Girls, you should visit this shop once when you're in queensbay! winks* =)

after that, we went to dave's deli for FOOD!
but the degil meikee don't want to eat there,
at last we accompany her go 1901 to have some hotdogs or sausages.
well, i also went to the next door to have an hokkaido ice cream. teehee

opps, what will girls usually do when they meet the mirror?
yes, they will starting to Vain & Taking Pitures.
am i right? see i got prove, even i'm one of them. XD

wingeez ; love 'em

funny video clips at 1901.
lin hui is in the clips. HAH

unbalance love.