the past 2007

Saturday, January 19, 2008

FINALLY, i gotta update for the past 2007.
it were loads of fun.
lets check it out with me. =)

11.12.2oo7-19.12.2oo7 ; shanghai trip

it was one of my favorite past time for the whole holiday.
went there for a 9 days holidays.

shanghai was advance & the view right there was so damn nice
its winter, got loads of things i can do right there & can't do it right here,
such as i can wear winter clothes, that i can't do it right here. HAH

the things right there was damn cheap & i think the quality was not that bad as normally we know. lols.

at the plane, sis sleeping. HAH

its chipmunk pillow at the hongkong airport. so cute.

i bought this, it cost me 25 bucks. but dont care i like it. =)

while waiting at the train. lols

the birthday boy in our trip celebrating his 6th birthday.

taking picture with the birthday boy & my bro.

guess where? lols

me & me

christmas tree

cute baby.

big starbucks. WOW

the tallest tower in shanghai, its kinda blur.

Lets us talk about food right there,

eating 'mai ya tang'

its a mango egg tart from KFC. damn nice man. ;)

xiao long bao & dumplings. yummy*

its a flower shape. =)

chicken ham pie from MCD

its made of sugar & chocolate. so cute. teeheee*

you can view the picture through:

o8.12.2oo7 ; new world park

went there with mum, bro, sis & my favorite girl, candice.
pictures were up:

love her, adore her. love you candice.

o6.12.2oo7 ; queensbay
as usual, shopping or skating?

we went there for shopping. HAH
nothing much to talk about it,
kinda boring there,
luckily bought a white tube top from forever-21.
after that, ate at my favorite place, 'long de chuan ren'.
pitures w/ em:

me & sis when we're at face shop.

me & candice: at faceshop & MNG

o2.12.2oo7-o5.12.2oo7 ; kl trip
it was a last minute plan,
vivian called me & asked us go.
the trip were involved by the couple V-vivian & vic, me, jie loon, haw yang, shan yang & felix.
went there by bus.
alright, it also a good time to let me have some time to shop. HAH
the first day, went sg wang.

take some sticker pic with them

me & jie loon; picture quality sucks.
after that, went mid valley
meet with cho chuan & marcus.

they were there with the school trip which lead by mr raymond.
felix, cho chuan, marcus & me. taking at the mid valley mushroom world.
i found something funny, marcus i.c. HAHA ; cho chuan in burger king, ugly right? HAH sorry both of you. HAH
the second day, we went time square by monorail.
when i'm waiting for the monorail.

cho chuan eating muffin.HAH wearing marcus cap & taken by him. OMG, funny HAH. XD
at night when eye on malaysia.

such a nice view, but its just for one year. too bad.
the last day, went back to penang.
miss kl loads but got to go. sigh*
pictures taken when on the way back to penang:

haw yang int the bus. playing games & ki-siau. HAH

jie loon listening to music while sleeping.

29.11.2oo7 ; open ceremony of missy donut
it start from 2 donut freak, its me & ron. HAH
he told me that, & we planned to go together to be the first donut's customer.

povy with the missy donut. ;) smile*
went there at 11 something,
after that been told its going to start the open ceremony at 2 something.
saw xiao tian at the counter, its her parents shops. how cool?
after that, meet cleo, joan, shindee, carmen, chloe, adelyn & so.
all of us were waiting to be the first customer. HAH
how lucky, we saw 'CHEN CHI WEI'.

he came from hongkong for the missy donut ceremony.

he's eating the donut.

after the ceremony,
hanging with cleao, joan, shindee, carmen & chloe.
ruby came to meet with us after school.
chit-chatting & gossiping at mega que,
its loads of fun.

group pic; (clockwise)carmen, joan, shindee, chloe, me, ruby & cleo taken by ron, thanks.

me & shindee; the day after i dyed my hair.
how was it?
but i already dyed it back to dark brown d.
miss it. ;(

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