miss 'em

Saturday, November 03, 2007

miss you guys so damn much
just don't know why keep thinking of you guys.
  • Joanne Teng
especially my eldest sis,
after viewing your blog,
damn miss you man.
yesh, she's my beloved da jie, joanne.
she's already 20.
doesn't looks like right?
still look like a baby girl. lols.

this is my sis & her baby,
my jie fu, avier.
grab this pic from her blog. lols

this is the last taken pic while she's still at penang.
we were at eden,
celebrating father's dad.
too bad poh fern is not here.
  • Jane & Hui
i just got to know from jack that
both of them went to kl to settle the visa thingy.
owhh man, miss you guys so much,
at first plan to ask them to come lecka-lecka to accompany us,
too bad that they had went to kl. *sigh*

jane bean ;)j&j, the sweetest couple & also the mahuan-ess couple.
jane, i had just send this picture to jack. lols

jane looks so pretty && jack looks so cute.
ahem ahem* jack, thanks to me. something can't get to see clearly over here. HAHA

colin khor lin hui :)

pohvee & hui,
at edc.

us again,
taken at vivian's house.
bake cookies, watch movie &
play with louie,
hui's 'husband', also my 'dad'
i'm their daughter, name CHIC-KEY,
CHICken(hui) & monKEY(louie).
grab it from hui'd friendster. lols.

3 of us,
taken at the beach.

the sweety pie,
jane & hui

hmm, gotta wait for you guys come back from uk & penang.
jane & hui,
when you guys are here,
lets go gurney drive. =D
da jie,
i had got your address. =)

wish to see you guys soon.
take care,
miss loads & loads loves.

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