girls days; Queensbay

Friday, November 09, 2007

it was a very special days for us.
we wore heels.
wow, can't believe that, it was a suggestion from our jane.
jane & hui just bought a heels from kl, thats why they desperate to wear it. HAHA.
neways, it was monday.
me & vivian were off on that day. teehee
&& also we asked sze to skip school and go with us. HAHA
so so, got nothing to do,
we went to queensbay mall.
err, queens bay is too big & hard to walk for the whole mall with the killing heels.
mine wan was damn tall & sharp with the point,
it hard to walk with it, but i like it. =D
alright, went queensbay just for two things:
shopping or skating??
yet, we went for skate.
took some pic,
cam whoring;
missing vivian.
went dating with vic. took at the skating place.
look weird, but its the only pic we took there.
hui ;
sorry. HAHAwow,
see what are they doing while we're playing. HAHA
how sweet. =)

its late && my mum drop my friends back.
then, we went to new world town for while.
i drank something not really nice with the apple taste.
i prefer sze's & jane's wan. lols.
after dropping all of my friends back,
went back home its already 1 in the midnight. lols.
-CAM WHORE- me & me;
povy && pohvee

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