skip school thurs =D

Thursday, October 11, 2007

alright, its thursday.
today i'm suppose to go school, but i din't go
cause today my school are having annual dinner at park royal hotel.
so so so . . .
the student are allow to go to school for half day only. =D
aiya, better don't go, what for to wake up so early, to go to school for few hours only?? hehe
regret regret, there's just few people going only.
i'm regret to buy the ticket. ==
fineeeee, i'm still wondering what am going to wear later??
the tube dress that i borrowed from vivian's mum, with black & white stripe
the one i just bought yesterday, a simple black dress?

neways, i know you got in an accident badly.
hope you'll get well soon.

take care my friends. =]

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