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Thursday, October 11, 2007

090907- gurney hotel
uhh, the first day i straighten my hair.
after that i went for dinner at gurney hotel.
we went there for nothing,
wasting our time & eating something that not really nice. ==
but but but there's something funny happened on us.
the author from the 'tong fang ri bao' asked us for cam whore.
OMGG, we're like so shock. luckily there's an auntie accompany us. HAHA
after that, we took some pic & meet jia zhen there, how lucky we are. lols


i. pohvee & joyce(sis)
i like the bling bling diamond on my phone. =D
but no more right now. ==

ii. the same person again. lol
goshh, my eye looks so stim.

after that, we went to starbucks with jia zhen.
alright, what are girls usually like to do?
yahh, its gossiping. HAHA
we talk about %&^%T86^&^(78&&*^&*69&879 . . .
opps, its private. XD

& yet, cam whore again. =D

iii. me & starbucks mango xx

iv. me & the red sunflower.
i find that its kinda weird.
sunflower in red?? anyways, accept thats the fact. ==

v. me & some editing flower on it.
isit better or not? hmm

p.s: i like starbucks & i like that mango drinks.
anyone mind to tell me whats the name of the drink? HAHA

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