first post ; boring day

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

what to talk about my first post??
i had nothing to talk about it.
alright, i'll try to write something.
&& yet i find that blogspot is much easier than xanga. HAHA

wake up, plan to go school.

at last fall asleep. HAHA
so skip school again, but i wanted to go. =[
after that, log in friendster & so . .

following, got to install my adobe & the sim 2,
happy to get them back, but . .
can't play my stupid sims ==
following, edit my pictures.
yahh, i miss you so much, photoshop. =D
those are what i had just edit:

captured when my bro's birthday.
by pohvee & hui
photographer & editor: meee

pohvee & linhui,
yeah, she's wearing my shirt.
cool huh?? XD

pohvee &jieloon,
i think it was a bad day for you. lols.
&&you smile so fake. ==

meeeeeeee with the sun glasses. 
whose the fat guy behide??

the group pic,
title: LALA pic
after edit, better than the original,
i think. 
clockwise: pohvee, hui, jane, jack, joyce, nat & jieloon

p.s. i like cyber-shot
especially your phone, jie loon.
OMGG, 3.2 mega pixel
i want it badly. =[

got to go soon.
going to jane's mum barbaque.
hungry, can't wait for it, FOOD FOOD FOOD!!

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