annual dinner

Sunday, October 14, 2007

11.oct.2007 - ssp annual dinner
attending annual dinner, i'm late. lols.
meet sara, venice, emily(haw yang's ahem, she's cute), ruby, eileen, shan yang & so.
we're sitting together.
sorry chen & andrea,

miss your dance for twice,
first time for i'm late, second time for i went away. lols.
then, meet my 'mum' & 'dad', wen & bin han.
owh yah, they're late too.
& she's sitting with the one she don't really like, (v*n, guess who?)
she told me so. HAHA
alright, cam whoring time. =D


sara & povy; formal on the beach. lmao
taking out hills, capture on the beach.
cool man. LMAO

povy & venice; such a nice name. =)
she's pretty, she's tall & her hair is long. *envy*
& same here, cam whore at the beach.
anyways, nice to meet you, girl.

group pic; all girls.
from left: povy, sara, felicia,emily & venice.
picture quality sucks.

povy & chen;
in the toilet.
she looks stim & sound 'sexayyy'. lmao.

after the dinner, went northam hotel with wen, bin han & gaik hoe.
uhh, don't really know went there for what. LMFAO. ==
me & wen at the northan hotel's toilet. lols

opps, its midnight & we're hungry.
went to the opposite peng hwa's for lok lok.
see, what we eat. lmao.

alright, at home now.
took something before putting out my make up.
i like this, *jumping around*
caption :pohvee with the stripey dress, prison dress.

thats my day for annual,
although its not worth for the ticket, it cost me 80 bucks.
i enjoy it anyways. =D

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