Beauty Diary : Panasonic Beauty Lounge

Friday, May 20, 2016

The annual Panasonic Beauty workshop is back since their first workshop was held 3 years ago. I have attended some of them for the past few years. Personally love it when Panasonic shared their beauty products and tips with fellow bloggers. Panasonic never fails to Make Beautiful Happen to create a better life to all of us.

This time Panasonic Malaysia just launched 3 new beauty care products that comprises 2 Face Care models and 1 Hair Care; Micro Foaming Cleansing DeviceIonic Cleansing and Toning Device and Styling Brush Iron.

In conjunction with Panasonic Beauty Lounge, Panasonic cooperate with Number 76 Salon for hair demonstration while using their Styling Brush Ion tool; Bio-essence for their skincare while trying out the micro foaming cleansing device and ionic cleansing and toning device; Makeover Paris for touch up make up after the face been cleansed; last but not least with the Lavieflo for preserved flowers displayed during the event.

Panasonic Beauty Lounge provides all of us the simple instructions on how to use the device, a hairband, a rob and tower before we begins our beauty journey. Such a thoughtful act to prevent us from getting wet. 

Lets begin with the Micro Foaming Cleansing DeviceEH-SC50 RM499. It has super fine and high density micro-foam and soft brush functions to remove dirt and oil effectively. It can deeply cleanse and  purify pores without irritating the skin. Besides that, it has additonal function to remove make up with the warming head at the end of the cleansing device, to see better result with the help of make up remover or gel.

Left one will be brush and foam cleansing, the right now will be foam cleansing, recommended to use for 1 minute daily.

First attach the soft brush, then add in the bio-essence foaming cleanser through the inlet and pour a cap of water into the centre of attachment cavity. Press the WASH button and select the speed. Micro-foam will be generated in 5 seconds. Spread the foam around the face to slowly cleanse it and rinse off the foam. 

Right after cleansing the face, we it's time to cleanse and infuse moisture deeply with ionic power with Ionic Cleansing and Toning DeviceEH-ST50 RM599. The device use ionic power to allow moisturising ingredients to deeply penetrate into the skin with 3 different functions :
  1. Cleanse function but first must apply cotton on the triangle head so the alternately switching positive or negative curet generates the ionic wave to loosen impurities transfer them to cotton.
  2. Moisturise function. The ions created by water flow delivers moisturising ingredients of skin care products deep inside the skin.
  3. Warm Rhythmc Massage. The triangle head will be warmed to provide skin lifting at rhythmic vibration .

Different mode can be selected on the button on the device

Last will be Styling Brush IonEH-HT40 RM199 with 2 temperature setting and 2 brush clips. One of the new category hair care, it's safe and easy to use to create airy large curls. Holding on the brush without getting hurt by the curler heat makes life easier for beginner. The hair-catching clip capture the hair right ago the tips even with shorter hair or long layered hairstyles.

For more information about Panasonic Beauty Malaysia, head over to their official site below :

Penang Fashion Week 2016 Opening Gala

Friday, April 22, 2016

Last week i was invited to Penang Fashion Week 2016 Opening Gala. Such an hour to be invited and witness the opening gala of Penang Fashion Week this year. I have barely attend any events in Penang, however I would never let myself miss any chance of attending such a big event like this, thankfully i was invited again this year. The last time was probably Penang Fashion Week last year, such a big fan and great support to Gurney Paragon Penang and to my beautiful hometown Penang.

This year the highlight of Penang’s Fashion industry add in more elements that showcases more beautiful masterpieces by international brands and homegrown retailers and designers. Members of the public can enjoy a series of runway shows by established and emerging designers with collections ranging from street wear, office and casual wear to high fashion. The entire Penang Fashion Week will be over ten days from 15-24 April.

Not to mention, the second instalment of the Penang Fashion Week, endorsed by the state government of Penang will be featuring 15 Asia’s Most Talented Designers. Themed Street Vogue, the overall concept of the annual Fashion Week focuses on upbeat street fashion amidst a Penang’s famous heritage backdrop. All of us get to enjoy a spectacular evening of fashion and an opportunity to meet many of the participating couturiers and designers. It is also the ultimate fashion experience giving consumers exclusive access to catwalk shows and trend presentations. Such a good experience for Fashion industry in Penang. Well done Penangites!

For more details, do check out Gurney Paragon Mall official Facebook page at or visit their official website at