Financial Relationship Goal #PRI

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

There are plenty of Relationship Goals out there, however Financial Relationship Goal is the real goal that all the couple who is ready for marriage or married couples should really look into it. As all of you know, money may not be able to buy love, but finances and relationship bliss go hand in hand. Money is the most common reason married couples fight, and that arguments about money are the most common predictors of a future divorce.

I have been dating my boyfriend for two years. Both of us are at our mid twenties now, we should have responsibility in our lives so do our relationship. To begin with, we don't see each other dating for fun, we see our dating as finding a soulmate, a partner for a lifetime.

Thank god everything goes well, we are both ready for our relationship, from dating to planning for our future together. When we first set the goal, we were just like every couple, not very used to have our financial management planning at the beginning. However as time goes by, communicating and improvising, we got better and we are living happily now, well planned ready for the next chapter in life.

The question came in now, have all the couples reached this level of financial harmony? It certainly didn’t happen overnight. Let me share with you on those important keys below on how to strengthen your relationship with money and your partner. Time to improve your financial relationship with your partner.


Regardless of your lifestyle, money is important. It pays for everything we need, from daily usage to housing even to our leisure for vacation. If any one of the partner doesn't see this as an important factor, it can create a lot of stress within in a relationship. As a couple, keep money as a top priority, from talking about spending habits to proactively working toward both of your goals.

Let's make it a habit and schedule time once a month to sit down and review about all the spending in what have happened in the past month and plan for next following months. This will help the couple to stay on the same page and keep the spending and saving in check.


Every couple can have different goals, for married wedding fund, honeymoon, purchase a house, educations for kids or even evaluate your retirement timeframe. It’s much easier to make improvements if you have goals you’re actively working towards it. Sit down with your partner to establish financial goals, check in on the progress, and set new objectives as your situation or needs evolve.

Work with your partner to determine how you’ll accomplish this and how it will impact your spending habits or savings. Beyond major financial goals, consider also setting spending limits for regular, ongoing expenses.


Even the strongest of relationships can struggle talking about money. Why? Because money can be complicated and uncomfortable to discuss. Many of couples admit they argue about money once a month, usually about spending habits or making a big purchase. The more you communicate with your partner, the easier it will become to talk about money.

A few ways to improve communication about finances include defining each person’s financial role and responsibilities. Not forgetting, you can always work with a financial professional to serve as an objective third-party. They can help you create a financial plan that suits both of your needs and help you keep on track with your goals.


It’s important for both partners in a relationship to share the responsibility. For one, as you likely share finances, you both should understand where your money is going and how it’s being used for your future whether for retirement planning and investment decisions. Additionally, it’s easier to work together towards your goals if both of you are actively involved in setting them and working toward them.

This also means that both of you should have a say in your retirement and investment goals, including when you want to retire, what your lifestyle should include, and how much risk you’re willing to take.

Communication is key for a strong relationship with your partner, especially when it comes to your finances. To avoid letting money become a stressor in your relationship, invest time to talk about, set, and work toward your financial objectives.

Time to start planning the finances in your relationship. The Prudential Relationship Index represents how well individuals’ existing relationships measure up with what they want from ideal relationships. It is a marker of both the strength and sustainability of the relationship.

PRI is to understand the state of people’s personal relationships in Malaysia and throughout Asia. These include relationships with partners, children, parents, friends and relatives. A score of 100 on the PRI means that a person’s primary relationship delivers 100% of what they want from that relationship. Find out more here.

Beauty Diary : Panasonic Beauty Lounge

Friday, May 20, 2016

The annual Panasonic Beauty workshop is back since their first workshop was held 3 years ago. I have attended some of them for the past few years. Personally love it when Panasonic shared their beauty products and tips with fellow bloggers. Panasonic never fails to Make Beautiful Happen to create a better life to all of us.

This time Panasonic Malaysia just launched 3 new beauty care products that comprises 2 Face Care models and 1 Hair Care; Micro Foaming Cleansing DeviceIonic Cleansing and Toning Device and Styling Brush Iron.

In conjunction with Panasonic Beauty Lounge, Panasonic cooperate with Number 76 Salon for hair demonstration while using their Styling Brush Ion tool; Bio-essence for their skincare while trying out the micro foaming cleansing device and ionic cleansing and toning device; Makeover Paris for touch up make up after the face been cleansed; last but not least with the Lavieflo for preserved flowers displayed during the event.

Panasonic Beauty Lounge provides all of us the simple instructions on how to use the device, a hairband, a rob and tower before we begins our beauty journey. Such a thoughtful act to prevent us from getting wet. 

Lets begin with the Micro Foaming Cleansing DeviceEH-SC50 RM499. It has super fine and high density micro-foam and soft brush functions to remove dirt and oil effectively. It can deeply cleanse and  purify pores without irritating the skin. Besides that, it has additonal function to remove make up with the warming head at the end of the cleansing device, to see better result with the help of make up remover or gel.

Left one will be brush and foam cleansing, the right now will be foam cleansing, recommended to use for 1 minute daily.

First attach the soft brush, then add in the bio-essence foaming cleanser through the inlet and pour a cap of water into the centre of attachment cavity. Press the WASH button and select the speed. Micro-foam will be generated in 5 seconds. Spread the foam around the face to slowly cleanse it and rinse off the foam. 

Right after cleansing the face, we it's time to cleanse and infuse moisture deeply with ionic power with Ionic Cleansing and Toning DeviceEH-ST50 RM599. The device use ionic power to allow moisturising ingredients to deeply penetrate into the skin with 3 different functions :
  1. Cleanse function but first must apply cotton on the triangle head so the alternately switching positive or negative curet generates the ionic wave to loosen impurities transfer them to cotton.
  2. Moisturise function. The ions created by water flow delivers moisturising ingredients of skin care products deep inside the skin.
  3. Warm Rhythmc Massage. The triangle head will be warmed to provide skin lifting at rhythmic vibration .

Different mode can be selected on the button on the device

Last will be Styling Brush IonEH-HT40 RM199 with 2 temperature setting and 2 brush clips. One of the new category hair care, it's safe and easy to use to create airy large curls. Holding on the brush without getting hurt by the curler heat makes life easier for beginner. The hair-catching clip capture the hair right ago the tips even with shorter hair or long layered hairstyles.

For more information about Panasonic Beauty Malaysia, head over to their official site below :